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What these books reveal may literally save your life.

Every cancer victim deserves to have access to this information. Nothing of importance has been left out. Nothing of importance has been overlooked.

That means…

SPECIFIC INGREDIENTS (Including the two which I finally reveal).




Note: The books have been purposely printed in paperback to hold costs to an absolute minimum. Nevertheless, the expense of paper, printing, and mailing require a minimal charge to get them to you. However, the Author has insisted on two conditions:

1. That 10% of their purchase price be donated to the following charity Frei Romano Zago Institute Cultural Sao Francisco De Assis of Brazil

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Book #1 is CANCER CAN BE CURED.The content details how the recipe can be used in the treatment of all forms of cancers, including case histories, Medical Bibliography and Specific International Journals, plus a bonus Scientific Botanical Monograph publication in the Appendix. Also revealed is where to get the recipe commercially so you


“I would think that anyone who was considering alternative medicine, not only for cancer, but for other conditions, would find it helpful to at least read about this simple method of using a plant that has long been thought to be medicinal plant and good for the human body.

I found the entire book to be well-written and very detailed. Exact recipes are given for preparing the Aloe plant as a cure. The many case histories are fascinating. Many patients who were on their deathbeds reported complete cures.”— LC Evan

“I give this book 5 stars because of its content. Even though it is not particularly well written it has clear information on how to make a medicinal mixture from Aloe Arborescens which heals a wide variety of cancers, even late stage cancers.

“I bought the book when someone I know personally overcame bone cancer following this book’s instructions. It was advanced to the stage where it was being treated to give her a few more months through chemotherapy.

“She sent away for her mixture as she was unable to locate Aloe Arborescens plants anywhere, and, although it took 12 months of repeated 10 days on and ten days off doses of 3 tablespoons a day, she was totally in remission at the end of that time. She started it when she had finished one round of chemo and then decided to try the Aloe Arborescens.”— Marmont

“This book should be given to every cancer patient and followed. It has helped a few people but finding the plant is something else. It works so well on the immune system. Doesn’t interfere with chemo or radiation but it helps and compliments and is another tool of therapy.”— Pat Bourke

“I am very pleased with this product mentioned in this book and would recommend anyone seeking a healthy alternative for cancer and other health issues to use this product.” — Jude

Book #2 is Aloe Isn’t Medicine and Yet It Cures!In this book, you will discover an exhaustive alphabetical listing of over 100 illnesses from A to Z cured with the ingredients in this all natural Brazilian health formula.  According to medical dictionaries, a description is given of how every illness or disease is manifested followed by an explanation on how to use the formula as a remedy to enable the body’s own healing defense mechanisms to provide a cure. In addition, you will find scientific references to clinical research on the ingredients substantiating their health benefits.

Aloe Isn’t Medicine and Yet…It Cures Testimonies

Father Zago has given the world an incredible gift by publishing this book. The magic of aloe dates back to pre-Egyptian times and has been used in many cultures for centuries.He gives the recipe here, it’s easy to make yourself at home with 3 simple ingredients.

Yes, aloe tastes bitter but adding pure bee honey to it makes it easier to swallow.

Aloe helps with many illnesses, and is not just for topical use. A good portion of the book alphabetically lists the many health challenges aloe can improve or even totally cure. I have long been a fan of “doctor yourself” books & this one’s wonderful. The writing style is easy to read, despite being translated to English, which sometimes results in peculiar wording or sentence structure.” — NH Bunion

“I’ve read Fr. Zago’s other book “Cancer Can Be Cured” and this book is so very much better. It explains in depth on how to gather the ingredients, how to prepare the juice and how to take it. I had quite a few question after reading the first book but since reading this one, everything is very clear and I don’t have any more questions.

It goes into detail on different ailments and provides a lot of excellent information and the bibliography is well done. If you are serious about cleansing your body of toxins in a natural way, this book is the one for you.

I am not prone to scams, quick ways to get healthy, etc. and usually am skeptical but this books makes sense (at least to me it does) and I will be preparing a batch for myself in a few days. I have no qualms about taking this natural product. So simple to get the ingredients, making the juice and taking it and it is very inexpensive to make.” — J. Stroh

“I ordered this book after I had read “Cancer can Cured,” also by Father Romano Zago. I found ”Aloe isn’t medicicine and yet… it cures!” very informative and at the same time, written in easily understandable language.

The information is invaluable for cancer patients looking for supplementary or alternative treatment, especially for the chronically ill, but it also speaks about the healing power of the Aloe Arborescens plant for many other ailments. I liked “Cancer Can Be Cured” best because of the many actual healing stories cited in the book, but I would highly recommend both both books very highly.” — Margarethe K.


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