The Cancer Cure

Aloe therapy strengthens your immune system and stimulates natural killer cells, which target cancer cells and other free radicals without harming normal cells, unlike chemotherapy and radiation!

This is due to the high amounts of anthraquinones and polysaccharides (glucose and mannose) which stimulate the white blood cells to create and activate natural killer cells (NKCs).1

Stimulate Natural Killer Cells with Aloe Therapy

NKC’s attach to cancer cells and inject chemicals that can kill cancer cells in less than 5 minutes!1

NKC’s are a natural part of your immune system that kill tumor cells and virus-infected cells. Because they don’t require antigens to do their job, they are the first line of defense, and crucial to a quicker recovery.1

Above, you can watch an NKC and other white blood cells attacking cancer cells and further down below you’ll find your classic high school ‘health class’ style animation with a more in depth explanation.

Aloe Arborescens has been used as a remedy for cancer for many years, and has been proven very effective on even advanced cancer patients.

As you find out in the book, it began in Brazil with Father Romano Zago, a Catholic priest who discovered the natives their using it against all types of degenerative diseases. He then developed the original all-natural formula. It has the ability to supercharge your immune system. This helps your body to more naturally and safely kill the cancer cells and at the same time will infuse your body with several super-nutrients.

Many health practitioners and alternative cancer experts rate aloe as a stage IV supplemental treatment, and can be taken along with highly potent stage IV protocols, including radiation and chemo (if the patient elects to use them). An increasing number of clinics are using aloe to help the effectiveness of the chemo agents cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan, Neosar) and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU).2

Aloe also provides the nutrients necessary to activate Macrophages. These are another type of white blood cell that collect and digest cell waste, and cells that don’t have the regular protein markers of a healthy cell. Cancer cells fall into this category, as well as most types of bacteria, and other intruders.

Simply, Aloe can be used as a powerful immune stimulant to help kill cancer and invading organisms.3  Many medical studies have confirmed aloe’s anti-cancer effects. The main reason for this is Acemannan, found in aloe leaves. Acemannan has immune-stimulating properties, glycoprotein, along with anthraquinone and phenolic antioxidants. Aloe also increases nitric oxide, a strong anti-cancer compound used by your own body’s immune cells.4

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